Ode to Insanity

by Clinton Hill

With this project, I wanted to see what I could write by making every step a little longer than the last, and using thesaurus.com, playing the degree game. (Can only click on links, can’t do searches.) excluding my first word. Insanity. I had fun with it, took about 20 minutes..



There is beauty in insanity.


There is comfort in subtly; amenity in supplely .


The insane do not perceive the world as the majority do, but rather they watch the inanity of sanity as a testament to normalcy.


They aren’t confined by the straight lines of society, but rather force curves into the pattern and stand out instead of fitting in to the pinstriped battle of bureaucracy.


They sit outside the box of forced like-minded individuality, pass on perceived positions of power and instability. They battle the baffling routine of mental mechanical democracy.


They push past the boundaries of imagined inability, and feign ignorance on the balance of clear-minded rationality. Their judiciousness is not a judgment of their own practicality, rather a shrewd enlightenment of their own perspicacity.


It is with this perception of their acuity that I must question my own lucidity. If craziness is a way out of the restraints of conformity,


I believe I should be committed, if only for personal imperturbability.